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Why Is the Electronic GloveBox only Available through IT Support Companies?

Uncoordinated vs. Coordinated Approach

ReCoBS is just one tiny piece in the big picture of IT security. And IT security is a process, a strategy, not a product or a bunch of products. In other words: If you currently have no roof on your house, and only holes in the walls instead of windows, then installing a high-quality door lock once the press reports a rise in burglaries in your area will not really help you much.

Therefore, please have your current IT service provider draw up an IT security strategy tailored to your needs, instead of rushing to take individual measures on your own - of course, please do tell them that you are interested in using an electronic GloveBox as part of the solution.
Remember: your IT support company knows your situation best - better than we do, and probably even better than you do.
Of course, we're happy to assist your IT support company however early in the planning phase, to check whether and how a ReCoBS system makes sense for you.

The Human Factor

In its default configuration, the electronic GloveBox blocks basically all direct Internet connections from the local network. Of course, this is annoying for untrained support technicians. Also, if several parties are involved, it is always the other's fault as soon as something does not work, regardless of whether it is a hardware or software problem. This is human nature, but it leads to dissatisfaction among everyone involved - you, your IT support company's on-site support technician, and us. That's the total opposite of a solution-oriented approach.

Everybody Prefers Being Part of the Solution

To avoid the above scenario, we have decided that integrating the on-site support company into the concept is mandatory. We offer free training to their technicians, and require that the end customer also purchases / leases the required hardware from their IT support company. This way both the necessary service quality and the motivation of the IT support company to consider malfunctions our common problem are sufficiently ensured - and the customer receives the service from a single source. This is basically a win-win-win situation, with common problem solving and a happy outcome for the customer, rather than finger-pointing.