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The Electronic GloveBox

This is a software solution for secure Internet access, based on X2Go, and following the ReCoBS concept as laid out by the BSI.
It is especially useful for doctors, tax advisors, notaries, and attorneys - as it offers a safe way to deliver potentially dangerous Internet content directly to the user's regular desktop.
The electronic GloveBox is only available through IT support companies, and not directly to end users. Click here to find out why.
If you're an end user interested in using an electronic GloveBox, please contact your current IT support company and point them at our solution.
Please note: We are currently developing an improved version of the electronic GloveBox.
If you are an IT support company interested in taking part in our beta test, let us know here, and we will notify you once we're ready to go public with our tests.

X2Go-ThinClientEdition (X2Go-TCE)

X2Go-TCE allows you to deploy a common, vendor-independent image across a variety of ThinClient models and to convert older PCs into ThinClients, on the fly.
In most cases, the image can be deployed remotely, without requiring an on-site visit by an IT professional.
Of course, X2Go-TCE also supports native connections to Windows Terminal Servers (Remote Desktop).
Even with thousands of PCs and employees, you will not incur any user or device based licensing fees.
That's because all of X2Go-TCE's components are Open Source.
If you need help with X2Go-TCE, you can sign up for our commercial support (see below) – but you are under no obligation to do so.
Please note: X2Go-TCE can be used straight from USB media, and can also be bundled with the portable edition of X2Go Client for Windows.
That way, an employee can even use their own, personal device if company-issued laptops are in short supply.
This makes X2Go-TCE your ideal Work-from-Home gadget in times of Covid-19. Start preparing for a possible second wave now, without wasting money on licenses you may never need.
X2Go-TCE is available immediately, and allows your employees to access their company desktop from home and while on the road.
All this without the licensing costs and installation hassle of a commercial VPN solution, but equally safe and secure.

X2Go-related support and software development

Whether you're looking for support regarding X2Go-TCE or X2Go in general, we can offer you service contracts with guaranteed response times, tailored to your needs.
Of course, we are also available for one-off tasks like supporting you during your roll-out phase of X2Go or if you need a custom addition or tweak to X2Go.

If you are interested in any of our solutions, especially if you are an IT support company interested in becoming our distributor, please contact us via E-Mail.
If, on the other hand, you would like to offer your products and/or services to us, please click here.
Regarding how we use and store data you send us, please review our Data Protection and Privacy Statement.

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